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Accidentally deleted "Conflicting Changes" folder and lost my most important note...Any way to get this back?



I use Evernote on both my iPhone and my Macbook and have, over the past few months, depended on Evernote for lists, names, and important things to remember (as I imagine almost everyone else who uses it does). Last night, in an effort to "clean up" my Evernote, I deleted the "Conflicting Changes" folder, not thinking that it would have anything of importance in it. This morning when I was searching for my most important note, I couldn't find it anywhere - in the trash or in any of my notebooks. Is there any way to recover this note? 

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Hi. Welcome to the forums.

Outside of Evernote, the solution is TimeMachine. I strongly recommend backups. Here is a link if you are interested in setting something up.


Inside of Evernote, it might be a little more tricky. You can't for example, go look at the note history (a Premium feature), because the note no longer exists. One thing I am confused about is that you deleted your conflicts notebook. This assumes that there was a note that had a conflict, right? So, there must be another similar copy of it around somewhere in your account.

For the future, besides the backup advice, I'd suggest not deleting anything. What's the point? You don't pay for storage -- as long as it is already uploaded, you might as well leave it in your account, maybe in a "stuff" notebook.

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