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REQUEST: Ability to change notebook color and organize notebooks into hierarchical folders



Hi, it will be awesome if we can change the color/style of notebooks in the Mac and Android clients. A great example of this is the application, Balsamiq. Another great feature is to have top level "containers" or folders to visually organize and club notebooks together. Lastly, it would be great to add tags to notebooks. Thanks!

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For the first one, you're not alone.


For the second one, that's what stacks are for: in Evernote, stacks are collections of notebooks.


For the third one, you're not alone either, but in Evernote, tags only apply to notes. Having them apply to notebooks seems a little redundant to me, although there are some cases that could be useful, if they could be used to search against multiple specified notebooks in the same way that Evernote currently cannot.

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I've seen this request of changing colours in the history of question since 2012 and it seems that no action has been taken to do the trick! Also I've noticed that since I have the latest version on my MAC the notebook changed from leather look to a simple grey style look, did you experience the same?

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