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attaching a note to an email

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Hi, I'm a new evernote user and I have this scenario/question:


I receive an email from someone. I hit "reply" in my mail server, write something, and then decide I want to attach a note. How do I do this from my mail server? I know I can send an email from my evernote account. I also know I can copy and paste a link to that notebook in my email message, but then they have to email me back asking for permission to look at notebook and I don't like the idea of that. Thanks for any help!

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You can drag the note to the body of the email message to automatically attach it, or drag to your desktop then manually attach it using your mail applications menus, depending on what mail application/client you are using. 


Keep in mind this will attach the file as a relatively proprietary .enex file, which isn't terribly kind on the eyes if you open it with anything other than Evernote. Your recipient will not have an easy time reading it unless they also happen to have Evernote installed. 


If you share lots of things with this particular recipient, and they happen to also use Evernote, you could always set up a shared notebook. 


Depending on the contents of the note, you could send them a "public" link to that note, which shouldn't require permission to view (I say "public" with quotes because it isn't really indexed in any public location and won't show up in search engine results. However, if someone where to brute-force their way through the randomly generated URL they may eventually be able to view its contents, which is not the case with private note links).

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