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How do I automatically change the title of a note

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I am using the program IFTTT to take blog entries and put them into Evernote everyday. The blog titles their entries like this: 

I want to change the formatting of the date and move it ahead exactly two weeks. So using the example title, I would want it to look like this: WOD 140818


I tried doing it through IFTTT but since it's not a programming language, the program doesn't have the capability of changing the format of the date or adding that number by 14. I was wondering if anyone knew any other way of doing this using Evernote or third party programs.


The URL of the blog I'm following is: http://www.crossfitinvictus.com/category/wod/competition/

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As far as I know there is no way to do this automatically using Evernote. Evernote is not capable of parsing input like "August 4, 2014" as a date that can be modified by arithmetic functions (or at all...). You may be able to use an automator script if you are on a Mac, but again, since "August 4, 2014" is just text, and not understood as a date, your script would have to contain the exact "WOD 140818" text, and you'd need a separate script for the next blog post 14 days later that gets sent to evernote with "WOD 140901", or whatever it ends up being. 


Ultimately You'll have to do this manually. 


You can always use the date updated or date modified fields to put them in order, or modify those fields to be the dates you want. Again, this is not automateable, though it would be much more conducive to the Mac OS's Automator script since those fields actually contain dates which may be much more easily modified. It would be much easier to use automator to increment a real date field by 14 than it would be to increment a text string. I am not personally capable of doing something like this. Depending on how long you plan to have this scheme running it may be worth learning Automator (if you are on a Mac), but if this is a relatively short term thing, it may not be worth your time. 

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Wow thanks for answering so quickly.


I am using a Mac, but I'm unfamiliar with writing automator scripts. Could you possibly give me a short tutorial on how to write the scripts I need to do what I want? Or could you just point me in the right direction on writing those scripts? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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