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Search Issue - Issue w/ OCR & JPEGs - Worked 1st Day


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Fellow Users: I'm having an issue with OCR searches and JPEGS any day after the first day.  Initially after I've uploaded a new note with a JPEG I can successfully search the JPEGs for words (I'm searching pictures of handwritten notes from a notebook).  The weird thing is that I can successfully search for a word (for example "call") directly after I upload the note and JPEG and come back the next day and search for the same word and I get nothing.  Any suggestions?


My environment: I am not a premium user.  My devices: A windows 8 laptop and a iPhone 5s / an IOS device. Both are running the latest software as of 8-13-14.  My process: I take a picture of my handwritten note with my iPhone camera, I crop the picture as needed, I rotate if needed, and save the image. I then use my iPhone to open a new note, I title it, and I choose the picture with my notes.  I like using the camera for taking the picture better because I'm trying to capture handwritten business notes from a notebook and with the standard IOS camera I can crop out anything on the sides that I don't want to include.  Again, any suggestions are appreciated. 

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Not sure why searching would work at first, and then not later, for the exact same image. Are you performing these searches on the same device or different devices?


No image should be searchable "directly after" uploading because it needs to go up to the server, be OCR'd by the server, and sync the OCR results back down. This usually takes minutes to accomplish. Perhaps you are actually waiting several minutes between adding the image to Evernote and searching and it just seems fast :)


But to the meat of the problem, lets do some troubleshooting. For the sake of testing, lets use your desktop computer. 

1) Attempt to search for a word in a hand written note using Evernote on your desktop. Try a few words on a given note just incase the OCR isn't perfect. Do you get any results at all?


if NO: Select the "i" to display the note info popover. Does it say "All Attachments have been indexed"? Or does it say "X attachments have not been indexed"? If it has NOT been indexed, proceed to STEP 2


if YES: Ok no problem to be fixed here... 


2) Using the web interface at http://www.evernote.com, and ideally using the same note as (1), search for text in the hand written note. Does Evernote return any results? 

if NO: Proceed to STEP 3

if YES: Return to the desktop application and check to see whether it has indexed the image (See Step 1 above). If YES, try searching that image. Does it return results? If it returns results, then I am stumped. If it returns NO RESULTS, Proceed to step 4


3) Ensure that the image of a sufficiently high resolution. Try adding in an un-cropped test image. Make sure your camera is taking images of the highest quality if the setting is variable. 


4) Copy the image to a new note and let Evernote sync a few times, waiting a few minutes (up to 5). After a few syncs and a few minutes, does the note info say that the image has been indexed? 

YES: you should see search results

NO: See STEP 3



You could also try using Evernote's built in Document camera. It auto-detects edges (generally with a good rate of success, but not always), and optimizes the image for Evernote's OCR software. It should only ever produce an image file of high enough quality to be detected, so it should remove image quality as a variable, leaving only the quality if your penmanship.


Here is a related discussion about OCR inconsistency:



Consider uploading a test document here and perhaps a few of us here could try seeing how they perform on our systems. 

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Scott / Support:  


The quick summary: My OCR searches / tests were  successful with notes added today for a short period of time and then later my searches were unsuccessful for the exact same search.  It seems like the note is first indexed and then changes to not indexed.  How do I correct this?


All older notes (older than one day) show that the images aren't indexed.  Before today I didn't know about checking if a note was indexed by clicking on the "i" in Evernote's Windows program, so I don't know if the older messages were ever indexed and then later became not indexed.  Multiple notes were searched successfully previously, if that helps.  


For today's note I saw that the note read indexed, searches were successful, and then a couple of hours later the same note showed up as not indexed.  


My process today (similar to previous days): I hand wrote out a new note with mostly clear handwriting on a plain paper notebook, took a picture, opened Evernote on my iOS device, created a new note, added the picture, saved it, hit sync, went to Evernote on my windows desktop, hit sync, found the note, and preformed successful searches of the hand written text within the picture.  I would later come back to the note or try a search and the same search would be unsuccessful.  All searches were preformed with the windows app.  


Again, how do you get a image re-indexed if it isn't indexed or if it has been multiple days?  Do I have to be a premium user for any of these features?  I am not a premium user yet...


Thank you - Brian Wilson

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I noticed that you had mentioned you were a free user. While you can search text within your note, you will not be able to index PDFs or JPEGs (Handwritten notes). Upgrading your account to Premium or Business will unlock these kinds of features. Free Evernote users can still search keywords, notebooks, notes and tags. 

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I noticed that you had mentioned you were a free user. While you can search text within your note, you will not be able to index PDFs or JPEGs (Handwritten notes). Upgrading your account to Premium or Business will unlock these kinds of features. Free Evernote users can still search keywords, notebooks, notes and tags. 

Was this a recent change? My understanding since the early days was that PDFs and other formats were premium-only (and also came about much more recently... in the last year or two?), but images for all users were indexed and premium users got priority for the indexing queue. 

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I am a premium user and I have exactly the same problem. I've found out that the images is always indexed in the online Evernote and in the Evernote located on my Android Smartphone, but the indexes will no longer exists in my Evernote-client on my Windows 8 computers after some time. This only happens to some indexed images. To momentarily restore the indexes I can sync after deleting the Evernote folders in the AppData folder, but the problems reoccurs after creating a note, syncing and then closing and reopening Evernote. 

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I attached my Support Ticket Mail.

This is Bug.

Evernote Window Version's OCR Indexing Search is Suck.



Korben D. (Evernote Support)

09월 30일 15:47

Thank you for your patience. I appreciate you taking the time to work with me as we work through this. This is a bug and I reported it to our product team for resolution. I’m not sure when the issue will be resolved.

I’m going to close your ticket. If you would like, I can notify you when your issue has been fixed and scheduled for release.

I encourage you to continue updating Evernote as new versions are released. Please keep checking the product forum (https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/126-evernote/) for the latest betas and releases.

Korben D.



Max W. (Evernote Support)

09월 30일 01:35

Thank you for getting back to me and for including your activity log.

I am going to escalate your ticket to one of our Technical Support representatives. Please note that they will respond to your ticket as soon as they have had time to fully review it.

Max W.




09월 30일 00:05

Thank you for your supporting.

this is log file you requested.

Ok. Have a nice day.

--------- 원본 메일 ---------

보낸사람: support-webform@evernote.com
받는사람 : ous25634 
날짜: 2014년 9월 30일 화요일, 15시 55분 41초 +0900
제목: 티켓# 745750 - I have problem with EN win picture indexing search.




Max W. (Evernote Support)

09월 29일 23:55

Thank you for the quick response and for including the screenshots and images.

In order to better diagnose the issue that you are having, I would like to collect an activity log from your Windows desktop. These directions are in Korean but if you could reply in English, it would be helpful.

가능하면 문제를 재현하고 동기화 버튼을 클릭한 후, 다음 단계를 따르십시오:

  1. Windows용 Evernote를 엽니다; 도움말 > 작업 로그…를 선택합니다.
  2. 다른 이름으로 저장… > 데스크톱 > 저장을 선택합니다.
  3. 이 이메일에 회신하고 저장된 로그 파일을 첨부합니다.

이 작업 로그에는 Evernote 애플리케이션이 수행하는 작업의 상세 목록이 단계별로 담겨 있습니다. 저희는 이 정보로 회원님이 겪고 있는 문제를 진단할 수 있습니다.

작업 로그에는 회원님의 계정과 장치에 대한 정보 및 위치 정보(사용 중인 경우)가 담겨 있습니다. 노트 제목, 노트 태그, 노트북 이름, 노트에 첨부된 파일 이름, 그리고 회원님의 계정이 네트워크 동기화 문제를 겪고 있는 경우, 노트 내용 일부도 작업 로그에 포함될 수 있습니다. 로그 파일을 편집하여 저희에게 보내고 싶지 않은 내용을 제거하셔도 좋습니다. 저희는 회원님의 작업 로그 데이터를 기밀 정보로 취급하며, 여기에 Evernote 개인정보 보호정책 조항을 적용합니다.

I look forward to your response!

Max W.




09월 29일 23:21

Ok. These are my notes' url with indexing problem.

I searched web version now and there are search results.

But windows version can't make search results.



There are a lot of notes with problem.

I had thougt that EN's picture indexing search power is very weak,

until I used web version.

But they were indexed in web version!!

So I request EN Korean team service.

they suggested file save and delete old note and reupload note with files.

I did that exactly. and synced EN.

yes! they are indexed in note info tab.

so I did this every notes with this method.

and I re-synced. and one or two hour later...

I did search notes again. but there's no search result.

I did search web version, there's result..

I saw note info tab again in EN win version.

NO!! the result is " attached picture file is not indexed."

I realized that It's EN windows version's critical bug.

This is disaster.

I must use web version to search picture note correctly.

this is very annoying.

ok. that's it. I'm anticipating reasonable solution.

Thank you in advance. Have a good day.

--------- 원본 메일 ---------

보낸사람: support-webform@evernote.com
받는사람 : ous25634
날짜: 2014년 9월 30일 화요일, 14시 50분 37초 +0900
제목: 티켓# 745750 - I have problem with EN win picture indexing search.




Max W. (Evernote Support)

09월 29일 22:50

Just following up from our chat earlier.

If you could please attach a couple of the problematic images that you have with search issues in your reply so that I can test them and see if there are any issues with searching them.

I look forward to your response!

Max W.




09월 29일 22:46

Chat transcript:
Visitor: I have problem with EN win picture indexing search.
Max: Thank you for contacting Evernote support. My name is Max, and I will be your support agent for this issue. 
Visitor: Hi
Max: Is this on your Windows 7 desktop?
Visitor: Yes. It's windows 7 64bit.
Max: And images with text in them are not appearing in search results?
Visitor: I don't know exactly. there's a lot of attached picture note.
Visitor: Some are searchable
Visitor: But others are not searchable.
Max: Can you please login to your account at www.evernote.com and see if the search returns the same results, without the images with text?
Visitor: I used web version to verify picture indexing problem before.
Visitor: But in same note in picture, there's search result.
Max: A workaround for problematic pictures is to copy them out of the note, paste them in to a new note and delete the old one.
Max: This will force Evernote to re-index the images and should make it so they are searchable.
Visitor: I did your suggestion method. because EN Korean Team suggested it.
Visitor: But
Visitor: There's no indexing.
Visitor: I saw win version note info tab.
Max: Are these PDFs that you are trying to search or are they pictures with handwritten notes in them?
Visitor: Problem is not pdfs, it's attached jpeg file notes.
Max: Is it handwritten text or typed text?
Visitor: Most of them are typled text. handwritten is a few.
Max: OK, so what I can do is convert this chat in to an email ticket so that you can send me a couple of the problematic images so I can test them to see if there are any issues.
Max: Is that alright?
Visitor: Ok. I like to use win version but I can't search jpeg notes without search. That's the problem.
Max: So I will send you an email when this chat closes and you can attach the images to your reply email.
Max: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Visitor: ok. I will send. thank you.
Max: Thank you for contacting Evernote support! Have a great day!
Visitor: Bye.

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