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Customer Support?

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My name is Jason. I work on the Community Support Team at Flipboard in Palo Alto. We use Evernote, but the Community Manager who originally created the account is out of the office indefinitely and we need super user access to our account. Could someone help us? jpearson@flipboard.com


I opened a ticket 5 days ago and still no reply. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to reach someone via a normal support email alias.



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Thanks for reaching out. I've grabbed your ticket and escalated for further review. You should be contacted shortly via email with instructions. 


Please include in the ticket (or let me know) any additional information about the account i.e. email address on file, content you might find in an account, account status (free, premium, business), and if the original owner is available to make these request from the support team. 

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