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Evernote 5.5.3 very problematic


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I updated to version 5.5.3 on 7 Aug. Since then I have been having many problems.


(1) A few notes created on 5 Aug, with images which have been synced to server, suddenly lost the images when I opened the notes after the update.

(2) 5 out of 6 notes created on 10 Aug, which could be seen on Evernote Web and another computer with version 5.4.1, but they could not been seen at all on version 5.5.3 no matter how many times I synced. I had to go into Evernote web to make some light modifications and then notes appear in version 5.5.3 after synching.

(3) Frequent freezing of version 5.5.3 after making even 1 slight modification to a note.


Does anybody test the new versions before they are rolled out?

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