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BUG: Can't search on bookmarks in the Windows Client


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I've started using Evernote to collect many of my reference bookmarks.

I use this in combination with the Web Clipper to add tags using the "bookmark" option.


Unfortunately, there is no built-in mechanism from preventing you from adding the same bookmark more than once (in case you forgot you previously added it).

While that is an annoyance, it is avoidable by searching for the URL you are going to bookmark prior to bookmarking it.


Unfortunately in the windows client, searching for the URL comes up empty.


Apparently, the Web App searches on the URL field in the Info section, but the Windows Desktop doesn't.


So, if I paste the URL into search in the Web App, it will show me the current bookmark immediately.

The Windows app won't show it exists.


Anyone experience anything different?


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Nope, the Windows client doesn't seem to search the source URL metadata in any way that I can figure out, even using the "source:" search term.


On the other hand, I don't worry too much about duplicated web clips. It happens, and when I find a dupe, I delete it, but it's not a huge drain on my upload quota, and there's no content that I've created that's part of the clip, so it's about as big a deal to me as having two copies of the same book in my library.


You'd think that the related notes feature would turn up duplicates, though...

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