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Penultimate - SOME of note disappearing in page view


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Using iPad Mini:


For random pages, I can see the entire contents of a page when looking at the grid view with the small versions of all pages in a notebook. For some pages, when I open them to full size, part of the content is gone--over half the page in some cases. When I go back to the grid view, it's there....and still gone in full page view. I've attached an image of the same page in both views.


I use Penultimate to take all of my notes in business meetings. HELP!!!


FYI...I'm up to date on all iOS updates and up to date on all Penultimate updates.


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I have also been experiencing the identical problem.  My issue with disappearing text started occurring about 3 weeks ago.  With the exception of deleting and reinstalling Penultimate from my iPad, I have tried power cycling and killing the app without success.  Needless to say, the issue is very annoying and I am almost at the point of abandoning Penultimate as my preferred notebook application.   

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