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Removing text formatting deleted the Note (!)


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Hi, i am a Pro user.


I was working with the Windows Touch version, and i selected to remove the text formatting. Done that, i decided to go back with right click and "annul" option. The program deleted the whole text... the note now is totally empty.


What can I do to recover the note? Please, HELP!


Thank you,


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Hi - please check via a browser and Evernote.com to see whether the note is empty in the server copy of your database.  If so, have a look at the note history - is there an earlier version you can recover?  If that;s not available on the web,  check whether the same thing is possible on your device - I'm not a Touch user,  so I have no idea how you'd do that.  If you can't find anything in either location,  the data may be lost.  If that's the case,  please try again to remove formatting in a test note and see whether this issue repeats - and raise a support ticket (see below) to see whether the tech guys have any better ideas..  good luck!

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Thank u gazumped.

The situation is this: in the Touch version i have the (now empty) note, with title, info about creation and modification dates, tags... and with no content, as before :(






If i log in the http account, i don't have that note anymore. I tried to sync the note from EN Touch, but nothing happens. The note remains only in the Touch version: no sync to other devices (http, windows, android).

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