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(Archived) Evernote for Android 1.0B12

Philip Constantinou

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It's great to see you take care of this early on. This is a problem that many apps from the market have until version 1.01 or later. I usually leave GPS off entirely just incase any apps misbehave. Now I'm excited to turn it back on and get my notes tagged.


Canyon R

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Just heard about this on your excellent blog - have tried the four modes, thought I had found a problem with adding a new tag on my HTC Magic, but no, its working perfectly!

Most impressed... will be using this a lot in the coming days and will see if I can find a bug somewhere ;)


Only thing I would add, is that it took me about 10 minutes to actually find an earlier download file. However, that gave me the chance to see the semi-auto update feature worked well too.

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SEcond day of my Evernote and I am loving it, would love the "InstaPaper"feature in to it! I don't have any option to use the InstaPaper on Android, so Evernote somewhat filling that gap.

Second thing I noted: When in landscape mode, I keep typing the note and it don't do the "Line-break" it continues on one lines.

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Dear 8-lb, 6-oz, newborn infant Jesus, don't even know a word yet, just a lil' infant, so cuddly--but still omnipotent--we just thank you for this new Evernote for Android Beta release. Woo!

Ever since switching to Android, I have missed having an Evernote client on my phone something fierce. But it's all good now. Or at least, it's certainly getting there. I'm... so happy... promised myself... I wouldn't cry...

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This just started happening but EVERYTHING force closes this app. I am running the latest stable release by cyanogen, but a week ago everything worked perfectly. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem and if there is anything i can do to fix it.

Thanks for your great work evernote (i actually just became premium, so i am super excited about a fully functioning android app).


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Thanks for the link to the download.. is B12 still the latest BTW?

I don't have particularly large fingers, but I do find it too easy when navigating 'recent notes' to hit the 'search' button when aiming at Menu or 'next'.. could something be done to separate these a trifle?

Otherwise, but for the rather weak audio level when recording on my HTC Magic, the app is superlative :o


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Seems a very decent app, having been playing with it on my (UK) T-mobile G2 (aka HTC hero).

Two minor suggestions:

1) File upload brings up the root directory. Most users would store all their personal files on the SD card should this be the default directory? (Others may disagree with this)

2) When I record an audio note, there's nothing to indicate what to do after I've finished recording. Tapping menu brings up a Save option, but could there be a save button underneath where it says play/rerecord?

Just my tuppence...

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Agree on the previous comment : when uploading a file, you should point directly to the SD card and not the root directory of the system. Moreover, it would be much more convenient to have a thumbnail view for pictures and videos since I really have no clue about what is being the name of my pictures... Fonts should be a bit larger as well.

Next to this, I'd love to see uploads being represented in the status bar of the Android system (just like you have donwload and install status in the Android market when installing an app). It'd make it much easier to follow upload status.

And, of course, the ability to read your notes would make it a perfect client !

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