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Sync usage exploded in 2 days with no known reason [solved]

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Hi all,


A couple of weeks ago I jumped back into Evernote after testing it initially several years ago (back when it had the original interface that I hated, looong ago) and so far I love it. It seems to be exactly what I've wanted for years.


When I signed back up Evernote had me resurrect my old account (same e-mail address) and I had about 8 days left on my monthly cycle with 0mb usage (I had nothing stored). I racked up about 250 notes in that week and hit my 60mb limit right at the end of that cycle, and considered upgrading but decided to wait and see how I use it this month before making the final decision.


My issue now is that my sync usage has spiked dramatically just in the past couple of days. A day or two ago I suddenly leapt up to about 29mb usage (from a few mb) and today it reports 43.7mb! Not sure how that happened, as I still have 27 days left!


I know the expected answer will be "surely you put in some very large files" but.... no, not really. As you can see from the screenshot below, these are all of my file attachments going back to the day of the rollover. (filenames removed)




(The two files at 3,257kb are a PDF and a "backup" Evernote created, not sure why, maybe I deleted it and re-pasted it in the note accidentally?)


I also checked my Trash, in case I had something huge in there that I subsequently deleted after it was transmitted, but see nothing very large at all, certainly not in the mb range...


So my question is, why has my sync usage spiked so high? I can't see any explanation for it. Has this happened to anyone else?


Also, is there any way to view each sync to see what is being transmitted to find the root cause of these spikes?


Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide!







Well I feel a bit foolish. After writing this post I later tinkered w/ Evernote some more and discovered the ability to view notes by list view, which shows the size of each note. I had a suspicion the issue was something pasted into a note but couldn't understand why it wasn't reflected in the attachments directory. Apparently Evernote only saves actual file attachments, not images that are pasted in. One of the images that I pasted in (a picture of a painting) today created a note 12.9mb in size! There was another image around 10mb and a collection that hit 6mb so that explains my jumps.


I would have deleted this post but don't see a way to do that either, so I'm just leaving this edit here to answer my own question, and hopefully help somebody else who runs into the same issue.

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