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Evernote Mac Location Broken, Annoying, and Disabled



I've just disabled Location Services on Evernote Mac. There are two things wrong with it.  First, it shows my location a full half-mile away.  Second, it has the impudence to give a street address despite the lack of pinpoint accuracy of Apple's own location services.


For the record, Apple shows me as sitting about 8 feet north of where I am. Since I live in a condo development, that puts me in the townhouse next door.


Evernote shows me living in a whole different village, half a mile away, listing a complete street address.


If Evernote simply listed a town and state, or a latitude and longitude, I would never have noticed. Even if it had only listed me where Apple thinks I am, in the unit next door, I'd understand. But giving a complete street address half a mile away is ridiculous.


There's no way to set this manually except note-by-note, so I've given up entirely. 

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