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Windows - Compairing Conlicting Notes - Best Practice - 3rd Party Program


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What is your best 3rd party program (preferably freeware) to tackle long notes that have conflicts where using ones own eyes is just not reasonable


I have found WinMerge  http://winmerge.org but I haven't tried it yet



What are other people using and what is your Best Practice steps


(I know this was discussed someplace else but I can't find it )




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For comparing source code at home and at work (pretty much on a daily basis), I use Beyond Compare (version 3; haven't tried out version 4 yet, which is still in beta), which I found to be better and more usable than WinMerge. Dunno about best practice, but the rare times I've needed / wanted to do this sort of thing I've exported the two offending files out to disk as .ENEX files, and gone at it with BC.

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