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Recording conversations between investors and client companies in a dynamic way

Mr B


I have just become an Evernote Business User and am exercising my brain on how I might use Evernote in the following scenario;

  • We have 100 client companies. 
  • We have 500 investors.
  • We have 8 members of staff.

We can provide static data on all of these people / entities (tel numbers etc) but it is capturing the interaction between them in note form which interests me and can be shared amongst my colleagues.


For example each month we have a 2 hour meeting and lunch which are attended by;

  • 5 clients (out of the 100)
  • 20 Investors (out of the 500) and we have
  • 5 members of staff who attend each meeting

Other interactions are happening (and need to be recorded) 


At the moment, any follow up is using our CRM system, and spreadsheets per event, but I believe Evernote business would be able to do this more efficiently, and in a dynamic way using Tags


Any thoughts?







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I would have thought It possible to deal with this fairly simply in Evernote - create a Client notebook and an Investor notebook with a 'contact details' note containing that information for each.  Simply have each employee record each subsequent interaction as a separate note.  Choose some tags relevant to the interactions - Note / Request / Quotation / Pending / Completed.  Any employee could then call up details of all interactions with a specific client before a meeting,  refine that to outstanding or recent issues,  and regularly review anything not tagged 'completed' to move the action along by adding further detail to the note.


I'd strongly recommend running any system as a limited test for a period so you can determine any drawbacks and maybe add notebooks or tags as required - so the new system would be an added process that would slow down operations for a while.  If however you're satisfied it works to everyone's satisfaction you can introduce it company wide.


Evernote has some good posts about working with and within teams to help...

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