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Saving files in Evernote for Mac to make searchable

Tom B.


When I scan a file into Evernote as an attachment, it comes in as a .pdf, the contents of which are searchable.


When I drop-and-drag or e-mail in an existing file it comes in as a note, the contents of which are not searchable. I need to be able to search the contents (both in the search bar to bring up the results, and using CTRL-F to search within the file) of files I store in Evernote. 


Any recommendations? Am I doing something wrong?

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Files and emails contain different coding and drag and drop only works for files,  not emails.  Either use the Outlook Clipper to move email content into Evernote,  the Chrome Gmail version in a web browser,  or forward the email + attachments to your Evernote email address using the @<notebook> #<tag> !<reminder> options that are available.

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