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Fail to renewal my premium account, really annoying

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Hi, guys.

I've been sub to premium for 2 years, but this time, the system didn't renewal the sub automatically (which was scheduled 1 week ago). When I tried to do it manually today, although I got every information correct, I still cannot purchase it. It can hardly be a problem of the bank since I did several purchases and one online purchases with in 7 days and everything went good. Got a ticket 677146, but no conclusion drawn. Is there anyone can help me or is there anyone having the same problem?

Thank you all in advance~~

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Thank you to all you guys and the support team. I used 10 points to extend my sub yesterday so unfortunately I can't try to  purchase right now; but I tried to purchase 1GB extra and it works (didn't work yesterday too)! So sub purchase should works as well! I'll wait till Sep to see if the auto renewal stuff works!


:P Happy to have all features back again!

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