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Syncing problem

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This is a basic question, but I am pretty new to Evernote. I can sync inputs from EN on my Mac air to EN on my iPhone but the other way round, it doesn't sync the inputs I am making on my phone. Could somebody help me with what might be the cause of this and how to fix it?

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You can trash the app quite safely.  Your iPhone doesn't have a full copy of your notes,  just a searchable index so you can download any details you want.  If you have any recent unsynced notes created on the iPhone you can email them to your Evernote email address so they aren't lost;  but the original copy of your notes exists on the server,  not on your iPhone or Mac. 


If in any doubt though,  search around here for instructions to create a backup of your current database - it's always good to have one of those...  

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