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Multiple Location Changes



Due to the location of our home, the location tagged in all of my notes (unless I change it) is incorrect.  This isn't a massive issue but one I would prefer to correct if possible.  

Rather than changing it on each note, I would like to do this all at once.  In an app like iPhoto or similar geotagged app, the process is usually simple.  I can find all the notes incorrectly geo-located with evernotes Atlas maps.   However I can seem to be able to move them or edit multiple notes.


Anyone have any suggestions or ideas.




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Hi.  Evernote's location features aren't exactly features...  I'd hoped that you would have some way to correct the location information centrally,  but it seems that once the cohorts are resupplied they all have their own specific tasks to concentrate on.  Please feel free to pass out my email address if anyone wants to raise their own issue here.  We'll be in touch by the end of the week!

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