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Shared Notebooks When Downgrading from Premium to Free Account





My supervisor and I both have premium accounts and have collaborated on several notebooks over the past few months. Since we are no longer using these notebooks as frequently, we are debating downgrading the accounts to free ones for the time being. However, I am concerned how this works with our shared notebooks. If I have added notes into her notebooks while on the premium account, will those notes continue to show up in the notebook? I just don't want to lose any of our information.


Has anyone had experience with this? I've tried googling it but can't find any information about this specific issue. Thanks!

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The notes will stay in their respective notebooks,  but you may not initially be able to see them - free users can share ONE notebook with editing rights,  and if you're downgrading accounts with several mutual 'editing' shares,  one or all of them might be blocked for the time being.  There's no need to panic however - if all you want to do is view the contents,  just reshare any notebooks that disappear. 


You say that you added notes to the other account - do you mean you created notes in another person's account,  or added notes to your own notebook and shared them?  Any information that is part of one account now should stay in that account.


Bear in mind that note and upload limits will be smaller,  and if you wished to edit a note that was already over the limit for a free account you would be unable to do so.

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