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evernote crash


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When I was using the web clipping, evernote crashed down. Then I downloaded the latest version and installed again.

However, when I login my account, the same problem happened. The app on my iphone has no problem to log in.


Anyone know what should I do with this problem? Thanks!



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Did you get a response from customer support? An email at least?


I don't understand what web clipping (something that you do in your web browser) would have to do with your Evernote application (a native Windows application). What exactly were you doing?


Anyways, the usual first step is to completely uninstall Evernote, and then re-install. Some people recommend using Revo's uninstaller tool.

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Yes. I did uninstall the Old Evernote. I downloaded a new version of Evernote and install again.

I use the same account to login .The problem is still there. I can't fix it. 


The web clipping is using the Evernote web clipping plug-in in google chrome to clip the webpage to desktop Evernote.


Now, I can use the web version of Evernote by using my account. However, i can't use the desktop version.


I have got any response  from the T Support.

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I would close it, then move all the files in the database folder into another folder, a temporary save location, and then restart Evernote. It will recreate the database and download from the server.


Mine is located at C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases


Any "Local Only" notes would not be downloaded. If you had any, you would need to retrieve them using the saved-off database or a backup. I'll assume for now you don't have any.

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