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phishing or genuine email from Evernote?

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I've just had an email from supposed 'Evernote' with an attachment for an invoice.


However i'm not sure if it is genuine but I don't want to delete it yet just in case it is.  The address it arrived from is  onltckfhsf@evernote.com 


Also, it hasn't arrived at the address my Evernote account is registered with.


Can anyone verify if this is genuine, I highly suspect it isn't but it seems a huge coincidence that my recent increase in activity with Evernote has resulted in a random Evernote related email.


many thanks





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Definitely not from us, and related to this: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/41183627


From the article:



Evernote did not send these emails.


If you receive a message like this, please delete it. You do not need to report this to Evernote.


The sender of these emails does not have access to our user lists, and is not targeting Evernote users specifically or exclusively. Evernote is one of many of the companies the sender is impersonating, and we’ve seen nearly identical messages with only the Evernote name exchanged for that of a different company.

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