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Use DRAM base hard disk for evernote

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 Most people with more couple G byte data will suffer the performance of evernote (on local site, windows OS)

 I have try SSD (256 G , sandisk)

Unfortunately I still have take more then 2 to 3 mins to wait the feedback for evernote when I search or edit some notes


  Web version can serach will but some functions are not support Web version, for instance, the link 

I do some summary to copy the related note link into one specific note,

and it really take long time for me to search the note , copy the note link and past it ....


 I just wonder, is it will be running more smoothly when some one use DRAM base hardisk (use ramdisk)


 and what is the bottle neck on evenrot (the hardisk , or the SATA bus limitation)


 I check the list of resource using during evenrote " very hard " working 

 CPU only use 10 to 20 % that is mean, most of time Hardisk is the key but could be hardisk or bus limitation


if Ram disk can solve the problems, maybe we can wait or it really need evernote come out the solution to improve the performance of evernote

















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I wouldn't want to save data to a RAM disk without having frequent backups,  which would 1) slow the set-up down and 2) probably crash Evernote if it finds its data file locked by another process.  You can change where Evernote stores data (Tools > Options) but only at your own risk...


I know Evernote is looking to make indexing / syncing / database management more efficient,  so in future versions...

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thanks for reply , I know DRAM will lose the data if no power to re-flash the cell memory

What I am found is , there is couple hard disk vender provide the hard disk is build up by DRAM cell + Flash + battery (in case

power lose, it still have time to move the data to flash)


as I mentioned, I have check the lag, or crash all come about the high demanding on hard disk performance

Unfortunately if the local data is getting larger (no too much , if more than 30G you can easily found the drop down of the EN performance)

 when the data more than 65G (as I have now)  , trust me, you will try to hit the wall


degrade of the performance is only one of some fatal issue on EN (the other one would be the local data can not be split

 , that is means, you have to ready a huge and high performance hard disk , if you use EN more then two or three years  of cause it cost $$$$$$ a lot)


 I have check the art of the state notebook available on market today (like Lenovo ThinkPad X1c , 8G DRAM , 256 SSD)


 but it only can got ~ 500 MB/s seq read (it just 2X, 2 times  I have now)

Currently I have to take 2 to 3 mins to wait (edit or copy or search ) the note , so even I have the Top gear , I still have to take 1 to 2 mins and wait it  :(...... :wacko:


the other way could be hope is .....

 EN can improve the Web version functionality or


they can use the embedded DRAM to improve the performance (the chance could be low , for EN did not take too much CPU resource)


All EN EAT is hard disk resource and wait ....... response ......zzzzzz..... and it is the bottle nexk :o

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The fact that using an SSD didn't make much difference should be a clue that the process is more CPU-bound than IO-bound, if I read the original post correctly. That means that a RamDisk probably isn't going to do much except steal DRAM from the virtual memory system, which is usually a terrible idea. You could check out the Windows beta; those seem to be getting better at being more responsive.

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 thanks for replying

 I have check the CPU usage is verly low % (20 or 30)

but the index LED of hard disk is keep lighting (nearly bright light instead of light flash normally we can found)

so EN is very I/O (bus) demanding 

I don;t know is there have an Engineering data evaluation for user to know , how much DRAM embedded is prefer (it should be a correlation of local database size)

if EN can provide those kind of data,

User could evaluate the new gear for their requirement. (I think some of the user is satisfied 1G / Month , but some would not happy event can purchase to 5G / Month) 

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 I have check the CPU usage is verly low % (20 or 30)


That probably just means that whatever Evernote is doing at the time is single-threaded, and it's pinning a single core (your CPU has 4 cores, right? So 1/4 = %25). Very unlikely that there's much that you can do to speed this up; it's all on Evernote's end.

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Oh yes, 

you light me up, it should be Evernote did not use 4 core or....to speed up, 


I still check the highest performance on Disk (with Raid 0 structure by  3X 256 SSD with 32G DRAM ), unfortunately it only provide 1500 M/ sec read / write

that is only 3 times or ~ 1.5 times (on high performance of single SSD)


if evenorte can use multi thread + Raid 0 structure , could be have 12 times or... then I can reduce the waiting time from 120 ~ 180 sec to 12 or 18 sec 

(could be cost 5000 US dollars on the gear   MSI GT70 2OLWS-1865 ) :o

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