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Import Folder in Tools


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I am relatively new to Evernote, but loving it.


I have several folders filled with Word docs, Excel Spread sheets, some PDF files that I wan to transfer into Evernote and erase from my harddrive. I have watched YouTube videos, read help sites like this to set this up. I went into Tools, hit the Import Files, then selected folders (which were several layers below in My Documents, set them up to both include sub folders and Not to, and selected a Notebook I have set up and finally to delete them after the transfer. I click ok and nothing happens! It simply does not work!


I am on a PC with Windows 7. I even set up and Evernote folder in My Documents put files into this folder, set it up in Evernote and it does not work. I have changed file formats to .pdf, .txt, HTML and nothing works. By the way, I am a Premium user, not the free account. 


Is there a step I am missing or do you have to do something in Windows to make this work? I see there is an Import  function under File, but not sure if I am to use it or not. I have updated to the latest version of Evernote, so that is not an issue either. 


Any help would be appreciate. The folder size does not exceed any limitations on the monthly allowed amount, also.



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I think that this works only on files that are added to the import folder after you designate it as such in Evernote. So what I'd do is set up a separate import folder, then copy in the documents and subfolders to that folder


BTW, the level of subfolders for an import folder is one only, as far as I can recall; Evernote won't search two levels or more deep.

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