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Only partial e-mails reach Evernote

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Hi All,

I am trying to (properly) use Evernote for the first time - had it for a long time but never really put in the effort and I am now trying to consolidate various to do list apps etc and try this.  One problem - I just forwarded a load of e-mails to my Evernote e-mail address and they arrived fine.  However, those of a certain type (they were 3 x booking confirmation e-mails from a travel company) arrived without the full note, just the banner within the mail.  If I forward to any other address the whole content arrives, so it's just in Evernote.  Any ideas? 


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Hi - some emails may arrive with the full content edited - with booking emails shortened to dates and time (forinstance).  Up to you whether you show these dates and times in your current planner,  or show something to indicate that the dates/ times are subject to other input...

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