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Feature Request - Expanded file names in attachments



I have some files with relatively long names (4+ words) and these are truncated in the Evernote notes. It would be great to be able to expand these file names either with a word wrap or in line as one file per line. Sometimes they have similar names and are difficult to differentiate without opening each first.  I use the "eye" icon to quick look, but it would be nice to be able to tell the difference with only one glance. 

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You can,  of course,  add the file names as text and attach the file under that heading;  or attach the files to individual notes in which case the file name becomes the title of the note.  You could use TOC or note links to connect those file notes to any related information or text.  Developers do read these posts,  so it's possible that someday...

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Thanks for the response. I sometimes will use the TOC idea. I just like the way files use word wrap in the iOS client and it should be possible to incorporate that on the desktop version where there is more screen real estate. 

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