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higher ed Studying Design & Evernote

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Hey everyone,


I'm starting a design course in 2 day's time and want a little help organising my files appropriately.


Each semester I have 4 classes (Drawing, Design Studio, Photography, Computer Skills this semester). Each week I end up with 5-6 readings for each unit delivered in PDF's, then I have assessments due each week. I'd like to be able to save all of my information in Evernote for easy study + reference. I had two thoughts on the best way to make it work but wanted some feedback.


First idea was a nested folder structure. So I'd have on top level folder with multiple sub folders and then have an appropriate naming structure within it.




- Design School

-- Design Studio

(File) Lesson 1 - Reading: Research

(File) Lesson 1 - Reading: The Design Process

(File) Lesson 1 - Assignment: Design Interview pt1


Alternatively, I thought of using one folder with a name structure to separate them.



- Design School

(File) Drawing Studio101: Lesson 1 - Reading: Research

(File) Drawing Studio101: Lesson 1 - Reading: The Design Process

(File) Drawing Studio101: Lesson 1 - Assignment: Design Interview pt1




I also need to think of a naming structure so that I can list all my content in the following order;


Lesson 1 - Forum Posts

Lesson 1 - Reading

Lesson 1 - Extended Reading

Lesson 1 - Assignment

Lesson 2 - Forum Posts

Lesson 2 - Reading

Lesson 2 - Extended Reading

Lesson 2 - Assignment


any help would be appriciated.

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