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Problems with Share by email

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I was using Evernote to write my posts and then upload them to my Blogger account sharing my Evernote note (Share/Email).


So far it was working great and was a total blessing, but a couple of days ago it stopped working.


Evernote shows the email was regularly sent (and I got a CC email on my email account, too) but it won't show up in my Blogger dashboard.


Are there any known issues about it or can it be due to Blogger (I asked Blogger help desk, too, but so far no replies)?



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Hi terrapin


I'm not quite understanding what you are trying to do. I take it Blogger will let you email in a new Blog Post, and the body of the email becomes the new Blog Post. 


The easiest way to test this is to  send yourself a share of a note via e-mail . You yourself are getting these via cc and they work. I just tested it for myself (sending myself an email and it works). Ergo the problem is with Blogger and not Evernote. 


So my suggestion is --  rename your question here and put it in the more approperate section  --  This is a 3rd party Application Discussion -- "Problems sharing Via email wtih Blogger"



Edit -- how heavily loaded is your evernote note you are emailing -- maybe you are trying to send  in pictures that push it past the limits of their email submissions guidelines for Blogger etc etc

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I have solved this problem, probably it was an issue with Blogger, because now my email from Evernote show up again as post drafts.


I don't know how to delete or move this post, but it should probably be removed.

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