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List bug sometimes deletes large amounts of text

Greg Courville

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OK, second bug report. This one doesn't happen as often, but when it does, it can be seriously destructive.


I can't figure out how to reliably reproduce this from a freshly created note, but it's happened to me numerous times and occasionally caused the loss of important information.


As I understand it, the expected behavior when pressing Enter multiple times from the end of a list item is to start a new list item at the same level with the first press, unindent that item by one level with the second press, etc. until reaching the top level, after which the next press deletes the list item and returns to paragraph mode.

What happens instead sometimes is that the second press unindents the item but also makes the bullet disappear, with the list button on the toolbar remaining "on". Pressing Enter again creates line or paragraph breaks but the block stays indented and the bulleted list button remains "on". Now, if I try escaping from this weird state by clicking on the bulleted list button to turn it "off"... all list items in the group I started from get deleted, a weird extra gap appears between the toplevel list item and the next one, and the cursor gets moved somewhere down the page. Sometimes I can hit Ctrl-Z right away and get the deleted items back, sometimes Ctrl-Z has no effect and I've lost half a page of notes.


I have attached a series of 3 screenshots showing this happening. I tried to attach a .enex file containing a note that exhibits this behavior, but apparently I'm not "permitted to upload this kind of file". If someone from Evernote would like to contact me directly, I'd be happy to provide it via email...





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Hi - this is a user forum,  so no-one will be contacting you directly in the near future.  The bulleting process,  and indeed the editor in general was known to be a 'feature' of Evernote desktop and there have been some recent improvements - please check to see you're on the latest update.  If you use bulleted and indented lists intensively it's likely that you still may have problems.  For this reason I and some of my colleagues use 'Workflowy' a browser add-on that is a full and flexible outliner.

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