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Moving Notes count towards upload?

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As title says does moving notes from one notebook to another count towards upload?  Like does the note have to be resynced entirely if its a 20mb note? 
Also does renaming just the title of a note mean the original is deleted and a new note is uploaded or is the file stored on the server just renamed a well?

Sorry if dumb questions just tired and couldnt seem mention of this anywhere.

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It's quite possible I'm mistaken, but I believe that KB article is a couple years old. Would one of you Mods be able to ask EN for clarification on *all* the upload limits for every user from Free to Business?

It it's more than a little important that we know and I think it's critical for free users like the former Springpad users, who once they settle in and learn the true power of Evernote, a portion of them may lean towards a Premium Membership if the had all the facts. And if said facts are written in a clear User Friendly manner.

Nothing in particular that stands out to me... But I may not be up-to-date either!

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I agree that there could be some significant improvements to the information conveyed in both the knowledge base and the marketing material for premium. We evangelists raise concerns regarding the KB fairly often and have mentioned some of these very issues.

As for the KB article in this post, the date updated appears to have been may 2014, so fairly recently. Now, the nature of the update in May isn't know.... Could have been been the addition of a comma, or it could have been an update of the numbers, but we can at least be sure that someone from EN looked at that KB article in May. I'm going to guess in that case it is up to date.

For people looking for more general info on premium, it can be found spelled out in reasonably plain enligsh (but in less detail than I would like) in this KB article:


Although I never understood why all of this pre-sale information is tucked in the knowledge base which I always see as being more of a post-sale support... But it's there nevertheless!

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