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No Support from Evernote!

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I'm paying for a premium account (credit card bill), but my account is not premium.  I sent an email almost two weeks ago and received a reply with a case number saying I would get a reply in 48 hours.  I have not received a reply.  I've sent them three emails asking for the status with no response.  I've asked for help on @Evernote and @ EvernoteSupport via Twitter with no response.  I've called their corporate office and can't get a live person.  I left a voicemail with the details they requested and have not received a call back.  I simply want my account changed to premium status.


What's gives?  Has anyone had a similar experience or suggestions on how to reach them?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you upgrade via iTunes or Google play? This can happen from time to time upgrading this way, unfortunately.

Post your support ticket number here and I will flag it for staff attention.

Since you are showing up as free, you will get free-level support which puts you at the back of what seems to be an extremely long queue. Hopefully you'll get taken care of quickly when I flag it, though en support doesn't operate on weekends so you may not see any action until Monday.

Also, when you log in at http://www.evenote.com and go to "Account settings" do you show as free as free or premium?

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