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Scansnap and searchable PDF



My Scansnap 1300 recently died. As it is indispensable I immediately bought a new one (the 1300 i) from Amazon. All is now the same as before except that the scanner software converts the PDF to searchable PDF, which did not occur before. This is OK, except that it takes a bit of time and I generally have a lot of scanning to do.


If I turn off the 'Convert to searchable PDF' option will the conversion occur on the Evernote servers? The PDFs that I scanned on the old scansnap all ended up as searchable, without this local step.


- Tim


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I prefer to do my own OCR because then the content is part of the file and always available,  there's no wait (however short that might be) for OCR to happen,  and because I occasionally exceed Evernotes filesize / pages limits for OCR so I can ensure it's always done.  I agree though that OCR on the fly is slower than it needs to be.  I prefer to 'scan to folder' so I can rename the file and do any editing necessary.  Once all the files have been updated at the end of the session,  I then start OCR on all files in the folder,  go have a coffee,  then come back and move those files into Evernote...

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