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ios Feature request: reminder on connection to wifi

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I've been using evernote for quite some time and most of my reminders are the kind "when I arrive home i have to do X". So I always set up reminder for time I expect to arrive home. But i always guess the time wrong so the reminder either pops up 20 minutes earlier and by the time i get home I totally forget about it or pops up 20 minutes later when I have already left home away. So the request is: could you add a feature that a reminder pops up the moment my mobile connects to a certain WiFi. The way I imagine it, you create a reminder, then on the screen with date/time you click some kind of wifi icon which displays list of WiFis you have saved in your phone/tablet/notebook, you select the one you want (for example your home wifi) and the moment your phone connects to it, reminder pops up. Thats about it, keep up the good work!



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I feel like location based reminders would be equally, if not more effective than this... Unlike the slew of random wifi networks I've connected to with my various devices which are a total mess and the SSIDs of which periodically change, addresses (which can lead to easily looked-up geolocations by the device itself) are store in my address book and don't really change. 123 Spooner Lane is pretty much in the same spot every day!


Plus, this means I can set a reminder for when I arrive at the grocery store or the bank or wherever, all of which lack Wifi. With other location-based reminder systems you usually just have to search "Grocery store X" or "Home" or "123 spooner lane, smallville Nova Scotia" and you're set to go. 



Is there a reason you see Wifi as being better than specific locations?


If you own an apple device (especially an iOS device) you can see a pretty good implementation of this in their built-in Reminders application. 

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I am using evernote on my android HTC Desire S, where gps is really very poor and also turned off to save a battery, then on my iPad which lacks GPS at all and on macbook where the situation is the same. I am travelling between two homes and as I said, I would like to have this feature for ideas or to-dos that i come up on the way, or on the way to school etc. SSIDs at my homes or in school/work are the same and will be the same for another years. And I must disagree with you on the part where you said that it would be for grocery stores or bank etc. When i go to such place, I know and surely will remember what I want to do, and if I dont I know there is a note for it in my Evernote.

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Ok, so you have chosen to not to enable your GPS (not sure why GPS is very poor, most of the earth is well covered by GPS satellites... yes MAPPING data may be poor but that is very different from GPS data) to conserve battery life. I am sure just as many people have also decided they want either a hidden SSID or don't have wireless at home. Which crowd do you leave out?


Ok, so perhaps it is unlikely you will forget to bring up your grocery list when you go to the store, but I disagree that it is useless. It would be GREAT if, upon arriving at the store/ bank/airport/veterinary clinic, that my shopping list/flight itinerary/utility bill/pet insurance/whatever happens to just show up on my device's lock screen, thus being one swipe away from being displayed in full. That, in my opinion, is much better than having to open Evernote and tap around until I find my list/itinerary/whatever. 


While I understand that you might be in a situation where, because you have chosen to disable wifi and your area may have poor mapping data, that location based reminders may be somewhat limiting. But this doesn't take away from the fact that location based reminders have considerably more flexibility and would be hugely less prone to errors than SSID based reminders. 


There is also the question about whether third party applications can actually get access to the SSID the device is connected to, and I don't know the answer here, and it will depend on the device. If Evernote is not given access to the SSID that you are currently connected to, then it can't perform the function you are wanting. 



I can definitely see the value in your request and I can see it complimenting location based features, assuming it is technically possible to pass the SSID from the OS to the Evernote application. But I really can't see SSID based reminders coming before location based reminders, or at all, given their very limited use cases. 

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