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export data from PIM named, J-Pilot


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I would like to use a PIM on my Windows 7 machine.


For years I've been using J-Pilot.   I had a Palm Pilot which I synced to my Linux desktop and kept the data in J-Pilot.

Although I no longer have the hardware (Palm Pilot) I still use the software, J-Pilot.


Is it possible to export from J-Pilot and import in to Evernote?


I apologize if I'm not using the correct terminology. 


Thank you for your time and any suggestions you can offer.

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Hi - no experience with J-pilot,  but I assume you have an option to export notes in some form or another;  if you can find one that matches with Evernote's import function,  the job's done. What OS will you be doing this in?  Windows / Mac ?

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Hi gazumped,


Thank you for your reply!


I use J-Pilot on my linux computers and have used it for probably a decade.  I had my first palm back in '99 or so.  I no longer have it.


In J-Pilot,

- I can export my Memo Pad to: text and CSV. 

- I can export my Datebook and To Do List to:  text, CSV and iCalendar

- I can export my Memos to: text, CSV, vCard, vCard(Optimized for Gmail/Android import) and ldif (not sure if "ldif" begins with an I or an L.).


I don't know anything about exporting data.   Is this something that can be imported in to Evernote?


Thank you.

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Hmmn.  Well,  text and CSV can be imported,  but general layout and date information may be hit and miss.  I'd suggest you set up a new notebook for imported data,  and export some tests of each type to both text and CSV.  If you then drag and drop files into new notes you can preview the sort of result you'll get.


You may want to look into Import Folders if you're now using Evernote Windows,  and the Mac script alternatives - these are ways to import folders-full of files as individual notes.  Once you get the right format,  and subject to your upload limit,  you can then import bulk notes into Evernote.


You can move information from a CSV format to individual notes if you set up a 'mail merge' process to take each line of data - each record - and store it in a separate file.  Put those files into an Import Folder and they are converted into notes.


This is not an exact science I'm afraid - unless someone has already written a script to do some of the heavy lifting,  you'll have to accept a few compromises in getting the information out of J-Pilot.

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