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IQTell - Evernote, Email, Tasks, & Calendar (great for GTD®)


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IQTell is a productivity app that seamlessly integrates your Evernote, Email, Calendars, Tasks, Projects and more.  
How can you leverage Evernote with IQTELL?

  • Turn Evernote notes to tasks, projects, and more.
  • Swipe any Email into an Evernote note (Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo, IMAP, POP3)
  • Manage Evernote notebooks, notes and tags inside IQTELL
  • Turn Evernote notes into tasks, projects, someday, etc.
  • Add Evernote notes as events on your calendars
  • Attach notes as support material to your tasks, projects, and more.
  • For additional information watch this video or read these topics in our Knowledge Base

Quick & Easy Set-Up: Sync your Evernote account from the IQTELL Web, iOS or Android apps.
Evernote & IQTell – a fully integrated solution

Turn Evernote notes to tasks, projects, and more.
  • Tag your Evernote notes to automatically create tasks, projects, and more in your IQTELL account. 
  • Reminders set in Evernote will automatically sync to IQTELL.
  • Checkboxes will automatically create children items in IQTELL. For example, a note tagged as a “Project” that has several checkboxes will create a Project with several tasks in IQTELL. 
  • Auto-embedded links allow for quick and easy navigation from Evernote to IQTELL and vice versa.
  • Priority, Due Dates, etc. – you can set task and project related fields either in Evernote or IQTELL. See how.

Swipe any Email into an Evernote note
  • Swipe any email to create an Evernote note. See how.
  • Any email attachments will be available in Evernote.
  • Supported Email: Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, IMAP, POP3

Use Evernote notes as support material for your tasks, projects, and on your Calendar

  • Using the IQTELL Web app, you can access your Evernote notebooks, notes, and tags.
  • Select Evernote notes(s) and easily link them as support materials on your tasks projects, and more.
  • Add Evernote notes to your calendar. The Calendar Event will have a link back to your Evernote note.






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Responding to Patrick's post: IQTell would indeed be interested to explore possibilities for a joint EN-IQ Premium package that will include IQTell paid subscription. Hence, a complete note taking, organization solution along with email, calendars, contacts and task / project management capabilities.


Responding to Enki's post: IQTell uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet protocol, plus all your sensitive data is saved using 128-bit encrypted fields. As for privacy, we have just passed TRUSTe's rigorous inspection. We have been certified by TRUSTe since 2011  For more information please see http://iqtell.com/safe-secure/

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I really like the desktop version, however the iOS app is still far off the same standard (especially concerning the evernote integration).


Much has advanced since september. The iOS app is very functional now. Evernote integration has become tighter and very useful.

Recent blog by one of our users.

You'll be pleased to see what he has to say about the integration with Evernote.


That's a good read... the closest I have seen in a testimonial to giving the flavor of IQTell.

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First thing I checked out, which is the most important feature for me, was the email (and Evernote integration with email).

I didn't see an option for inserting an image inline in the body of an email. If I overlooked it, great! If not, then that would be a killer for me since we send out a lot of instructions via email with print screen. Any input on this?

Also, I noticed you can set the font color on a signature but you cannot set it on the body of the email. Was there another way to handle this?


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22 minutes ago, TechGuy said:

I didn't see an option for inserting an image inline in the body of an email.

Just paste the image in the body.

22 minutes ago, TechGuy said:

Also, I noticed you can set the font color on a signature but you cannot set it on the body of the email. Was there another way to handle this?

Yep, use the "A" color icon in the tool bar.

You are probably better off asking questions about IQTell in their forum:


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While composing email in IQTell, there's an elaborate toolbar that allows setting / changing font, font color, etc.

Also, images can be dragged-and-dropped into the email body, as well as attached (please click on the paper-clip icon).

Same goes when customizing email signatures: https://kb.iqtell.com/email/email-signatures

In addition to images and any files on the computer, users can also attach objects (files) from their Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and more (please take a look at the attached screenshot of the toolbar availabale while composing email.)

For all IQTell specific questions, feel free to browse our KB at  https://kb.iqtell.com/

Also, feel free to visit our user forum at https://getsatisfaction.com/iqtell as well as send email to support@iqtell.com


CKEditor Toolbar.png

Email - Attaching files using drag-and-drop.pdf

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