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How to remove the hyperlink on the numbers I type in the notes?

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Hello, anyone can help me out with this.. all my numbers get hyperlinked as a number to dial out. How do I stop this from happening?

Hi. On iOS (?) you cannot stop this from happening. Sorry.

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On my phone the numbers can't be copied. Pressing the number sends it to the phone to be dialed. This is crazy. SS#s, credit card numbers, and driver's license numbers are not phone numbers. Not all large numbers are phone numbers. It'd be useful to be able to selectively remove links.

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Please see the note right above yours. It is a little crazy. It is not necessarily Evernote's fault. It would be good to be able to remove links; but if it's an OS issue, it may not be possible. I find that if I select something (even a space) just before or after the number, I can expand the selection to get the number.

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