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Sharing it all (seemingly) in one notebook sharing:(?

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I've been using EVN quite happily for some years now but am new to sharing. The problem is:

A friend of mine wanted to share a notebook with me, so I got the email on my Iphone and I clicked. And then I got the new shared notebook in my list on the phone... full with all the 3400 notes I created from the beginning, but with no trace of my friend's own notes! No trace either of the supposedly shared notebook on my computer or even by online access, in spite of repeated sync'ing. Anxious not to have me passing out (half of my notes are my diary), my friend was kind enough – at least he told me so – to delete the fateful notebook. He also told me none of my notes ever appeared on his device (an Ipad I think).

Can someone tell me what happened? A harmless bug on my device or...? And how to make it not happen again?




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Edit Edit -- regarding the files not showing up -- Evernote mihgt be having some synch problems,



hi Filemom, I am not quite sure I understand what has happened. so let me repeat how I understand this


A)  Friend  . . .(lets call him FinkleMiietaMeister) he shared with you a Notebook called  . . . ."Sauerkraut"  and sent you an invite via email


B )  You get the email from the nice Mr FinkleMiietaMeister and you choose to accept the shared Notebook ."Sauerkraut"


C) you go to your Evernote account and you see Mr FinkleMiietaMeister's notes from "Sauerkraut" along wtih all your 3400 notes from your "RedBook_Diaries" secrete diary


This sort of alarms you, as Mr FinkleMiietaMeister has been sharing his "Sauerkraut" Notebook with school cafaterias all around the world . . . Your first reaction is alarm . . . .for understandable reasons. Will the kind Mr FinkleMiietaMeister (and the rest of the world maybe) get to see your notes that you penned in your "RedBook_Diaries" Notebook that now apepar to be Co-mingled in your ALL NOTES listing?


No . . . . the kind Mr FinkleMiietaMeister can not see those notes. You would have to send HIM an invite to SHARE your "RedBook_Diaries"


Deleteing the Shared Notebook was a safe move go home and read about sharing Notebooks


Edit -- not sure if this link works you might need to log into your account online first



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