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Discrepancy in font size between OSX and iOS.



I have noticed on multiple occasions that notes created on the OSX Evernote application will not correctly sync formatting to the iOS applications. For example, all fonts will show up as 12pt Helvetica on the Mac, but the fonts will have size discrepancies on my iPad and iPhone. This happens across multiple notes but appears only randomly within notes (font size will sometimes change on iOS in the middle of a sentence). 


Seeing as font size is not changeable within the iOS application, I cannot figure out why this is happening or how to correct it. Any ideas/suggestions?

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Hmm, you might want to contact Support...but I have bad news and possibly worse news.

The EN text editor is notoriously inconsistent across clients.  Sometimes even within the same client.  There are a *lot* of unhappy campers on this forum about issues with text editor issues.  (I love Evernote, but am in that camp myself.)  Evernote is fully aware of user dissatisfaction and have made small amounts of progress in recent months, but's still got a long way to go.  All we hear from them about it is the occassional "we're working on it" message.

Part of the issue is that trying to cross several client devices - who each have their own way of handling data, so the various apps themselves have to be different from each other - and this creates quite a challenge.  Grumpy Monkey (also known as Christopher Mayo), a forum moderator and long-time power user.  He recommends using the default font and doing all notes in *plain text only.*  And for anything that requires major formatting such as outlines, the use of bold, italics, underline, page numbers, etc., to use a regular word processor such as MS Word and saving it as an attachment in your notes.  And the same for spreadsheet style tables like those you can create in Excel.

One thing to remember with *all* attachments of *any kind* is that they are copies of the original document. So unless you delete the original, you must remember to replace both the Evernote version and the original every time you edit one or the other, *and* Sync the newest Evernote version to the EN Servers to ensure the most recent version is the one safely stored and OCR'd in your EN database.

The "possibly worse news" is that if you are a free user, Live Chat is no longer available and the email Support Tickets for free users in the last few months can take several weeks. Again, this is something the moderators are very displeased with and have been discussing the issue with Evernote...but it's still a problem.

Below I have linked to a pinned forum note outlining the "Best Practices" for contacting Support, and a link to Grumpy Monkey's personal website - on which he has a number of very helpful posts and How To videos related to Evernote.

I hope this helps.

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