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Teacher notes in Livescribe Format for students to see/hear

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I am just discovering Evernote, so I know very little and have lots of questions. I am a teacher and use Livescribe to record notes for my students. Livescribe has both visual writing going on along with a recorded voice explanation. I want to upload these Livescribe Pencasts, (PDFs) so my students could access them using a PC, a Mac, an I phone, an I-pad, an Android phone, a Samsung, or any other device. Would Evernote allow me to do this?

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Hi.  It's difficult to advise you in detail without knowing a lot more about the type of content that you want to share.  There will be some inherent drawbacks in sharing information this way - your students will be able to read text and hear audio,  but the two won't be linked as they can be for pen-users.  You will also have to remember that once you load the content into your Evernote account it will be a little while before your students can sync to your shared information and start to read it. 


The best advice with projects like this is to try things out for yourself.  A free Evernote account can share unlimited read-only notebooks,  and one notebook with full editing rights for your readers.  I suggest you ask a couple of colleagues or friends to help you with the experiment - preferably ones who have easy access to you most of the time - and start to share some test content with them.  Find out what works and what doesn't,  then when you launch a full service you can avoid any major problems!

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