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Specific note is not fully syncing



I created a note with my desktop app and modified it a couple of times and the last set of changes didn't sync. In the browser and on my iPad, I can see part of the note. Other notes I created later are fully synced. 


How do I force the the desktop app to re-sync the whole note?


Mac OS X 10.7.5, Evernote v5.5.2.

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That only fixes the note I've discovered that wasn't sync'd properly. How many other notes are there that aren't sync'd properly? I have over 5000 notes, so how can I be assured they're all sync'd properly?

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Having one note periodically give you trouble is not common, but it does happen. Sometimes a funky character in the title or some kind of wonkiness with the metadata can cause Evernote to have a bit of a fit. Having DOZENS of notes that are failing to sync is HIGHLY unusual and is probably not something you are experiencing. You can verify this by one of the methods below:


Option A

1) Log into the web interface at http://www.evernote.com and look at your note count.

2) Open your Evernote client on your mac and look at the note count. 


These should be identical (accounting for any local notebooks you created on your desktop client, since those don't get sent to Evernote's server). If these numbers are identical (minus local notebook), there are no sync problems. 


Option B

1) Set your view to "list"

2) In the column headings, right click to and add Sync Status

3) Sort by Sync Status by clicking on the sync status column heading and look for any notes with a black dot in that column. Press the sync button and see if those dots clear. Any dot that doesn't clear after a sync might be causing you issues

4) look at your activity log to see why that note might not be syncing.

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1) The desktop has one less note than the web count

2) there are no notes showing the unsync'd status on my desktop

3) that does not indicate that there are improperly sync'd notes, just missing one

4) this log entry is confusing: 2014-07-27 10:51:31 sync [ENSyncEngine] INFO:   current update count: 45584 as I have only 5715 notes

5) The log shows [(null)] for the note in question:-


2014-07-26 00:16:25  [ENNoteReIndexOperation] INFO: Reindexing note: 'Birds! Apps! Cash!' [(null)]
2014-07-26 00:16:25 thmb [ENNoteThumbnailManager] DEBUG: Generating thumbnail for note: 'Birds! Apps! Cash!' [(null)]
2014-07-26 00:16:26 thmb [ENNoteThumbnailManager] DEBUG: Generating thumbnail for note: 'Birds! Apps! Cash!' [(null)]
2014-07-26 00:16:26  [ENNoteReIndexOperation] INFO: Reindexing note: 'Birds! Apps! Cash!' [(null)]
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Ok so no Systematic syncing problem.

As for that one note... Try the troubleshooting I suggested initially again with this notes that is producing errors... If the problem persists and you can't get that note to sync despite trying all options, (try searching the forums, lots of other people have had an issue where one note just seems to cause grief for some reason or another), give support a shout. If you are a premium user the chat function is pretty quick.

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Also, can you confirm that the Birds Apps Cash note is the one note that doesn't make it down to the desktop? The errors in the log suggest to my ignorant mind that the issue is related to having Evernote generate a thumbnail and index that image, and to me this may not mean a problem with syncing, just that you may not have a thumbnail for that note, and the image text may not be searchable.

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