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Shortcuts on Toolbar AND on menu


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Does anyone know if the new feature in Evernote for Windows to add Shortcuts into the Toolbar is supposed to be restricted to only show up on the toolbar OR the menu on the left?


If so, would anyone else like to see the option of putting different shortcuts in both locations?


I have so many shortcuts that I would like to put them both in the menu on the left (so that they appear at the top of the list of shortcuts on my iPhone), and then some more on the toolbar so that I can quickly access them while I am using Evernote for Windows.



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But would anyone else like the option of being able to add to both individually? i.e. I want to see different shortcuts when I am out with my phone (ie. "To Buy at Shops") to the shortcuts I want to see on my PC (i.e. "To Write on my Blog"). I would also like to see a customizable size toolbar, so that I can add as many shortcuts to the toolbar as I want without being limited to the width of the screen.


That make sense? 


Please accept this as a feature request!

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