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Feature request: smart email address for smart filing



Gmail supports the ability to add anything before the @ sign, enabling smart filtering etc for incoming emails.


e.g. emails sent to firstname.lastname+theboss@gmail.com could be automatically sent to a folder for emails from the boss.


Could Evernote do something similar so that smart filing could be more automated:


@ and # are allowed in the subject line to help smart filing put postings into notebooks and to apply tags.  These symbols would not work in email addresses obviously, but maybe some schema could be allowed to achieve the same result?




Rob Longhurst

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I'd imagine you could already set up something similar by using your Google sorting rules to retitle emails and forward them to your Evernote email address.  -Not tried to do that myself,  but there's a lot of functionality within Gmail that should help...

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I like the feature send a note to my email address evernote. I also use the filtering possibilities in the subject with # and @. But this taking to much time ! and can be done only manually unfortunately.


I would like at least the note that could be filtered directly to a notebook with the evernote email address.

So automatically filtering could be proceed (and my mailbox will be less full of such mail that i want directly to go in evernote)


Example (the evernote notebook name is just at the first or at the latest before the @ of the evernote email address)





or with - for @notebook or _ for #tag


a note sent to "myemailevernote-evernoteNotebookName_tag1_tag2@m.evernote.com"

will go directly to evernoteNotebookName and tagged with tag1, tag2


of course following the rules of email formatting (length before @)


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Depending on your email client it may be possible to set up rules so that emails are forwarded to your Evernote address directly with an appropriate title to direct them to the correct notebook name and tags.  If you don't have that facility you could direct the emails to a Google account using the address.prefix<address>@google.com trick to trigger separate rules that will do the same thing.  I agree that an address-based allocation would be good - it allows you to send stuff to Evernote using CC or BCC without having come-back emails asking "why did you add @dumb_questions to the email title?" but I don't see it saving that much in keypresses - you still have to type the words,  whether they're in the title or the address;  and it may be substantially more difficult to gimmick the email server,  if you didn't build your own,  like Google did.

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