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Web Clipper opens when selecting DEL key in Chrome


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Issue started to occur with latest clipper update.  Web clipper opens when hitting the DEL key in Chrome.  If you hit it again, it closes and then opens again when hitting DEL a third time.  Process repeats each time press DEL.  

Solved by turning off keyboard shortcuts as there is no option for a blank shortcut or to stop a shortcut for a function.  

Very annoying and poor design to enable by default.

Go to options, select keyboard shortcuts tab and disable. Problem solved, time wasted - for me and Evernote programmers!!

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Hi all,

We released a patch to fix this annoying issue. The latest version is 6.2.2 and you should get auto updated if you restart Chrome. Or you can re-install from www.evernote.com/webclipper to force the update. 


Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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