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Web Clipper: Articles Permanent Even if Source Website Ends?


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Hi there,

I'm using Evernote Web Clipper to save articles I have written for a publication over the past few years. That publication recently closed, and their website will be removed from the web within the next month or so.


My question is: will my saved clipped articles (complete with hyperlinks, embedded photos/videos, and reader comments) continue to exist within my Notebook even if the source website no longer exists or are the saved notes dependent on the website/server? I need a permanent solution to save these articles. Thank you!

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Yes the clipped notes are independent from the source webpage. If the webpage goes down the clipped note remains intact in Evernote. 

One caveat is embedded videos that are not downloaded in the clip (copyright etc.). Videos in clips are a 'snapshot' that links back to the source. 

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