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Lost access to premium account

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my wife went back to school and I started a premium account for her. She used it for months on her ipad and iphone and loved it.


2 weeks ago she got logged out of her ever-note on her iphone and tried to log back in. Unfortunately she messed up and created a new account instead.


Though on her ipad she is still logged in with her premium account (I think we know the login name) but I cannot find the password.

Using the reset password function is somehow not working because either:



- we used a wrong email when starting the premium account 


- by creating the new free account with different name but same email address it got somehow overwritten



I cannot use the website for the premium support because I cannot login. Using the free account and sending a support request left me waiting for 2 weeks now without answer.



I did sent another request out of the evernote app on the ipad (still logged in as premium) but havent heard anything yet. I also do not know if the support team will answer on the registered email, because then it wouldn't go into Nirvana when it was wrong in the first place.


I am afraid logging out of the ever-note app to see her username, because then she will loose all access to her notes.


So in short, how do I regain access to the premium account when email is not working?


With a premium account I would assume there is a support hotline, but I cannot find any.


Any idea how to go from here?









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You can verify which email address is associated with the premium account by using Evernote on your iPad to send a note via email. It will show up as from no-reply@evernote.com, but the reply-to address should be the actual email associated with the account. 


At least that way you'll know which email to use when using the password recovery. 

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That is the problem. I cannot start the live chat because I cannot login with my premium account.



Awesome idea. That worked!

Should have thought about that. I sent an email out of the premium account to my personal account. There I could see that a wrong email was used.

Luckily that email was not taken by anyone. So I created a new gmail account with that address, used the reset password function and have now my access back.


Thanks a lot.



Though clearly my fault, Evernote needs to work on customer service response time (2 weeks on free account!) and should include an email verification function during the registration.

I obviously could start an premium account with an non-existing gmail account!

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I agree, I think Evernote is making a mistake with their current flow on their apps by always defaulting to "Sign Up" rather than "sign in". I even catch myself entering my info into "sign up" when I'm moving quickly setting up a new install!

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