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Help with Internet Connection pop-up error

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For months now I have not been able to use Evernote on my mac. As soon as I open the program a pop-up message appears at the top of the Evernote window that says "Please check your Internet connection or try again later" even though my computer is connected to the internet. When I hit OK, the Evernote window looks normal, but the pop-up message appears again and again about every 10 seconds. I have updated the program, deleted it and re-installed it, and made sure my anti-virus software (Avast!) isn't the problem by disabling it.


Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know a fix? 


Attached is a picture of the program with the pop-up message.




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This just started happening to me too - another post said to Sign Out (null) and then Sign back in .   It worked for me.   It has to do with Auto-upgrades not remembering your account if you stay signed in.

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