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Username vs email address, without losing data

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I've been using Evernote since you had to pay for it and it wasn't cloud-based, so I'm a fan.  With a very long history (and notebook.)  :)


Due to at least 7 years of history, Evernote has an email for me which I no longer have access to.  My account with them here allows me to log in, but still shows me the ancient email.  My Mac version also shows the account as under this very old address. 


Back in Mar 2013 there was a password issue which completely reset my account, and I seemed to lose everything (I keep only local notebooks, and am not a Premium member.)  Time Machine was my friend, and I recovered my account, but have frozen my version at 3.3.0.


Basically I want to update my email address, but am afraid to try.  Can you tell me WHICH name the data is actually attached to?  Is it the email address which shows up under the File Menu/sync option on the Mac client, or is it somehow the username and password I have to the Evernote site?  if it is the former, how do I change that email, as whatever password was once associated with it is years gone?  Many thanks for your help and patience. 



Maybe this will be clearer:  When I go to my Account Settings page, and click on "Manage Email" it shows the old email.  What password is it now asking for, to allow me to change this email?? 

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