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Can't add live Evernote text to Skitch note


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I grabbed a screenshot in Skitch. I opened that note in Evernote and moved it to a different notebook. I changed its title and tagged it. But when I tried to add a comment in text in Evernote I found I could not access the body of the note to type something.


I am not trying to annotate it using Skitch's tools. I'm trying to treat it like a normal Evernote note and type a comment above the image. Is that possible?

In addition, even though I moved it, the note doesn't show up when I click the "All Notes" button. I think the app is set to hide the Skitch notebook's content by default, but I have moved it to a normally-visible notebook. Yet I don't see it unless I navigate to that notebook using the "Notebooks" icon in the sidebar.


What gives? Any answers? Thanks! 

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