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Reminder not displying as pop out in locked screen

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 Is Evernote not capable of displaying the Event reminder , pop out in locked screen. All I hear is the notification alarm, but there is no display on screen. GNotes & Snote, has that feature which is really useful, as we can see what reminder subject we had set .

Hope there is a way to do it,

Kindly reply

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Not sure which OS the OP is using but in Windows there is only a fleeting message that shows and disappears in the lower right corner of the display.  It looks very similar to the sync message and appears in the same area so it is easily missed even if you are sitting at your PC when it occurs.  A much better option, and I think what the OP is referring to, would be to have a window pop up and remain open until you closed it.  That would help ensure you don't miss the reminder.  Making this an option would be good for those that like the current method.

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