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What does the Chrome-based Clipper Google Search, search?


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I really like the integrated search in Chrome with the Clipper extension. If I do a search, I see related notes. However, I dont appear to see *all* notes that would be returned by th esame search within th etool itself. So I was wondering if this search perhaps only searches tags? Or is it indended to do full-text search too?

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In the following blog post from way back in 2010, it seems we had more options:


"The Google search results appear as usual, with the addition of a line displaying the number of matching Evernote notes. The same number is also displayed in a badge over the Evernote Extension icon. Clicking on the extension shows a list of all your notes that matched the search."




Here's a screenshot from that same post:




Perhaps they've simplified it across the board now... or maybe it's only a Mac feature? I'm on Chrome for Windows and I don't see a total count for search results.


Would be nice to bring it back if it's been done away with. I do like the current "top searches" layout... although I can say that in almost all cases I've tested, it does not bring up the most relevant information to me in the 3 results it displays in Google. If it uses whatever relevancy calculation, it should actually choose what it thinks to be the least popular or relevant notes... ones I haven't touched in the longest time, since those are the ones I am least likely to remember. To me, it would only be useful if I did not need to switch to my Evernote account to see what I might be missing out on. 

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